Library being the fountainhead from which stream of knowledge flows, the college provides for its facilities with books, journals, magazines and newspapers. A student may borrow books for 15 (fifteen) days with a provision for its renewal not exceeding 1 (one) month.

Computer Laboratory

The use of computers is not restricted to office desktops today. We see the use of computers all around us. It has now become the most important part of education system.

A computer lab in the science block of the college has been set up with an intake capacity of 15 computers to provide training to students, teachers and staff.

Students’ Union

In order to give students scope to develop their latent powers in different departments of cultural life, the college provides for a Students’ Council which is regulated by its own constitution. Sao Chang College Students’ Council has a Students’ Executive Body consisting of Principal as President, Vice President and other office bearers.

Bus Service

The college has bus service to commute students and staff between the college and town. A nominal fare is charged for the whole academic year.