Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

IQAC of Sao Chang Government College was instituted on 11th August 2010 in order to meet the standard of quality set by the National Accreditation and Assessment Council (NAAC) in terms of curriculum,teaching-learning evaluation, research and development,infrastructure and learning resource,governance and students services.

Following are the members of IQAC Sao Chang Government College:

Dr. L J Neken JamirCoordinator
Dr. Vinyuhu LhonguMember
Dr. Iris OdyuoMember
Dr. T Lal Veda Chandra KumarMember
Mr. Akyuba SangtamMember
Mr. Tekameren wallingMember
Ms. TemjentulaMember
Mr. Yingei (Head Accountant)Member
Rev. Dr. Chingmak Kejong (NGO)Member
Mr. Ebou (Alumni)Member


The IQAC of the college frames the roles and functions of various committees on quality parameters in the institution. It facilitates the learner-centric environment to impart wholesome education through adoption and dissemination of best practices. To enhance the quality of teachers, it organises inter-departmental seminars,workshops and paper publication. It acts as a nodal agency of the institution who coordinates and executes quality related activities among the various stakeholders, it prepares the annual quality assurance report as per guideline parameters of NAAC.