Rashtriya Uchhadar Sikhsa Abhiyan (RUSA)

RUSA stands for Rashtriya Uchchattar Shiksha Abhiyan  in Hindi ,Centrally Sponsored Scheme (CSS), and if translated to English it means Rashtriya (national) Uchchattar (upliftment) Shiksha (here it means  Higher education) Abhiyan (Scheme or mission). It is a holistic scheme of development/reforming the state  higher education in India initiated in the XII Plan (2012-17) by the Ministry of Human Resource DevelopmentGovernment of India , launched on 3rd Oct 2013 in the country.

RUSA Committee (Project Monitoring Unit) of Sao Chang (Govt.) College, Tuensang was introduced in the year 2014 as an implementing agent under the Centrally Sponsored Scheme (CSS) of RUSA, MHRD GOI  in the institutional level with the main aims and objectives for  upliftment of Higher Education.

In the Year 2015 Grants for Component 7: Infrastructure grants to college  and component 12: Vocationalization of Higher Education were received. Under Component 7: Infrastructure grants to college  our college get the privileged for  upgradation of  College Boundary wall where the overall supervision is under the control of Executive Engineer PWD (H), Nagaland, Kohima and under component 12: Vocationalization of Higher Education our college received  Horticulture (Floriculture) as  certified vocational  course to be given to the students for enhancing their skills with the main focus of self-employability where all the activities involved is  implemented and monitored by RUSA Committee (Project Monitoring Unit) with clearly defined roles.

Certified vocational course in Floriculture under component 12 was started in the College from November 2016. Admission to this course is purely for the college students and is in regard to first come first priority .The students have to undergo  6 month course duration. The Course is divided into three Units:  FL-101 ,FL-102 and  FL-103. Continuous Internal Evaluation (CIH) and External examination is a part of assessment for the students to receive certificate. Since its inception, 2 batch had successfully completed with the 3rd batch in progress.

The present composition of RUSA Committee is as follows:-

Sl.No Name Designation Duties Assigned Function
1 Dr.A.Nshoga Principal Chairperson   Overall Supervision of the work
2 Mr. Tekameren Walling Asst. Prof, Botany Coordinator To see that all the activities planned is successfully implemented.
3 Ms. Veduvolu Nienu Asst. Prof, English Nodal Officer for  Financial Aspects To keep records of all funds allotted and disbursed.
4 Mr. Dipak Nath Asst. Prof, Physics Nodal Officer in Procurement  
5 Dr. Santosh. K.Singh Asst. Prof, English Nodal Officer for civil works including environment management  
6 Dr. L.J Neken. Jamir Asst. Prof, History Nodal Officer in Academic Administration To look after the curriculum aspects and its proper implementation.
7 Ms. Yanglikumla Asst. Prof, Education Nodal Officer Equity assurance Plan Implementation  
8 Ms. Chongkilemla Chang Office Staff – Computer Assistant Technical    
9 Mr. P. Yingei Chingkhung Office Staff- Head Assistant Non- technical  

AIMS AND OBJECTIVES OF RUSA, SCC (Vocationalization of Higher Education-FLORICULTURE)

Floriculture is an integration of art and science of using plants for beautification of a place for the purpose of aesthetic and environmental improvement. The usage and importance of natural flower is increasing in the contemporary India in general and Nagaland in particular. With changing lifestyle and increasing urbanization, floriculture has attained commercial status in the past four decades. It has become a viable alternative, having a potential to generate remunerative self employment among many youths of the nations and also fetch the much needed foreign exchange. The North Eastern region of the country has long been recognized as natures gift to the country and Nagaland having immense scope due to a wide variation in its geographical region. Tuensang District in Nagaland is also considered as one of the most promising district for floriculture development as the flowers can be grown throughout the year due to the congenial climatic condition. So after seeing its potential in the area Sao Chang (Govt) College, Tuensnagjhas adopted floriculture as a certified vocational course to be offered to the students. It is a centrally sponsored project which is implemented through RUSA Rashtriya Uchhadar Sikhsa Abhiyan (RUSA) with the technical support from Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK), Tuensang.

             Its aims and objectives are to train and educate the young students to cultivate flower with scientific knowhow. Cultivating flower not only beautifies the locality but it can also generate income and opens the avenue for self employment. It does not require full time engagement. One can manage it during his/her leisure time. Apiculture can also be done along with floriculture which also does not require full time engagement. It also aims to inseminate work culture and a sense of the importance of clean environment among the young minds.  This may also inspire them to cultivate horticultural crops or other bigger projects.

The Vocational certificate course in floriculture comprises both theory and practical classes which would equip the students with complete knowledge about cultivating flowers. Apart from this the students get the privilege for participating in Exposure tours, workshops, seminars, marketing etc which will  enhance the skills of learners. Having getting extra knowledge and certificate along with the conventional degree certificate, will be an added qualification of the students for their future career.